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Solutions for PVC 1 Solutions for PVC Materials for pipe and fittings, vinyl
fabrics, footwear, toys and others
Distribution of chemicals 2 Distribution of chemicals We distribute products from
leading suppliers
Technology Center 3 Technology Center A center for innovation and growth Technical Service 4 Technical Service We support your processes Cosméticos y alimentos 5 Soluciones para cosméticos
y alimentos
Aditivos bio-basados y otras soluciones

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CarboClean Sanitizing line

Ecuador Customer Testimonials "For more than 30 years, CarboQuímica´s products have successfully supplied many business –small and large– in Colombia and South America, with a customer service second to none.” Jairo Pérez Varela, General Manager at Quimandi Colombia Customer Testimonials “For Pinturas Every, CarboQuímica has been labeled during many years as a class A supplier, not only because of the excellent quality of its products but also because of the high standards of its sales staff.” Jorge Humberto Grisales, Administrative Manager at Pinturas Every United States Customer Testimonials "CarboQuímica is a vital partner for The Chemical Company.
CarboQuímica’s new production location has shortened lead times which gives TCC greater flexibility and has proven beneficial to our supply chain. The country of Colombia and our partner CarboQuímica fall under the Caribbean Basin Incentive bringing greater competitiveness and value."
Robb Roach, President at The Chemical Company
Gricoat de Colombia SAS Customer Testimonials "Durante nuestra relación comercial, CarboQuímica se ha caracterizado por el cumplimiento de las entregas, la gran calidad de sus productos y, especialmente, por el servicio técnico y comercial de sus empleados" Estefanía Soto Arango, Coordinadora de compras técnicas

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