Our history

1956 1956 Our story begins in 1956 with the production of coal tar derivatives in Sogamoso. 1974 1974 The Colombian Ministry of Economic Development awards the Bronze Medal to CarboQuímica in recognition to its efforts and contribution towards exports. 1976 1976 We inaugurated our industrial solvents plant, with a capacity of 2,500 ton/year. 1994 1994 CarboQuímica merges with Polyquimicos, a local manufacturer of heat stabilizers. The objective of this merger is to provide a broad and comprehensive portfolio to the PVC industry. 1996 1996 We inaugurated our production unit No.4, the largest in South America, with a capacity of 20,000 tons/year. 2000 2000 The operations of CarboQuímica and Polyquimicos are consolidated in one site, achieving synergies and optimizing resources. 2007 2007 Our Distribution business is created as a new business unit. 2012 2012 A decision is made to relocate our operations to a strategic location that could serve both local and export markets. Cartagena is selected as our new home. 2017 2017 Our Phthalic Anhyride site is also relocated to Cartagena, achieving greater operating efficiency. 2020 2020 A year full of challenges that makes us evolve and take on new measures to expand our business while thinking creatively to solve the needs of your business.

We rely on a team of highly skilled professionals working at CarboQuímica, mostly from areas located around our sites and headquarters in Cartagena, Funza and Bogota.

Our team is made up of chemical, environmental and industrial engineers, as well as from other fields in the business and administrative sides. We are a group of committed, resilient and creative people.

TRUST Our shared values TRUST Through our actions we build trust in our employees and clients. We believe that trust and transparency are the base upon which good businesses are conducted for all stakeholders. SERVICE Our shared values SERVICE We listen to both our internal and external customers, and strive to meet and exceed their expectations. We have the people and the infrastructure that allow us to serve our customers with both the quality and the excellence that they deserve. INNOVATION Our shared values INNOVATION We have a team made up of both people with broad experience and young professionals. Their work and way of thinking join together to provide the world with new solutions. RESPONSIBILITY Our shared values RESPONSIBILITY We are aware of our impact on the environment, therefore we develop strategies and initiatives to nurture it. EXCELENCIA Our shared values EXCELENCIA La excelencia marca nuestro día a día. Cumplimos con nuestras responsabilidades con excelencia y calidad. Estamos comprometidos con los más altos estándares de seguridad y cuidado. ÉTICA Our shared values ÉTICA La ética es clave en el desarrollo del trabajo de cada uno de los integrantes del equipo de CarboQuímica. Obramos de acuerdo con las buenas costumbres y prácticas profesionales.

Funza Our production site is based in Cartagena, strategically located to serve clients locally and internationally.

We also have a distribution center in Funza, which allows us to bring our products to clients across Colombia.

“At CarboQuímica we have grown tremendously, both as an organization and as individuals.

Our journey is a long one, full of challenges.

We thrive on teamwork and having a positive attitude towards change.

This allows us to progress.”


Oscar M. Santos Castro, President at CarboQuímica