In order to grow, both at CarboQuimica and at our clients’ businesses, it is key to INNOVATE.

At CarboQuímica we see INNOVATION as the ability to discover, develop and bring to the market new and better ways to do things.

That is why we created our Technology Center, a center dedicated to:

*Keep our portfolio with leading-edge products

*Identify and develop opportunities in new sectors and businesses


Through our Technology Center, you can achieve:


In the cosmetics and plastics markets

Tailor-made products that meet your requirements and standards.


In the cosmetics markets

Products that contain specialized additives. We support you in the development and application of these additives in your cosmetic products.


In the cosmetics markets

You can obtain suitable additives, through specialized testing that allows us to identify and enhance the performance of this raw material.

Principles and values of our Technology Center


In order to develop the best solutions, we first observe and understand the needs of consumers.

Up-to-date on trends

For CarboQuimica it is critical to stay up-to-date in current market trends, both locally and globally.

Innovation strategies

We generate activities that promote creativity in product development, and we also use tools to turn the chemistry of the future into new products.

Agile processes

From the conception of an idea to the delivery of the product, at CarboQuímica we focus on speedy processes.


We provide a space in which both CarboQuímica staff and the clients can develop their vision for new products.

Cutting-edge technology

We are constantly monitoring the state-of-the-art chemical technologies, as well as Green Chemistry and the circular economy, finding creative ways to include them in our processes.

Our Technology Center allows CarboQuímica to stay up-to-date and meet the needs of both our clients and our consumers. The research, development and innovation conducted at our Technology Center provide solutions that mean a better life for our consumers and more business opportunities for our clients.

Success stories

Achievements we have made through our Technology Center.


Current projects

Projects we are currently working on.


Challenges and collaboration

Find out here about current projects to develop, as well as collaboration opportunities. You can imagine your product and we will bring that idea into reality.

You imagine your product and we will bring that idea into reality.

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Please contact us to learn about our portfolio for markets such as PVC, sanitizing and disinfection, cosmetics and personal care, oil and gas, paint and coatings, agrochemicals and plastics.

Funza Sanitizing and disinfection See our portfolio At our Technology Center we developed a new disinfection line called CARBOCLEAN, for hands and for industrial use.

Our industrial use line includes concentrated products which are easily dilutable and ready to use. Additionally, they don´t require rinsing after use.