Apart from supplying you with quality materials, at CarboQuímica we solve any technical problems you may face and we help you enhance your products and processes.

More than 60 years of experience back us to provide technical support and assistance in many markets and sectors such as PVC, paint and coatings.


For this purpose we have a professional team which will provide you with comprehensive technical support, including:

Solving of inquiries

We solve any inquiries you may have regarding the use and application of our products.

Alternative formulations

We provide alternative formulations for the correct use of our products.

Product performance

We conduct analysis related to product performance in specific applications.



We support your efforts in developing solutions that materialize your vision and that of your clients.


Product validation

We support the validation of your new products.

We are committed to best practices in business, and therefore keep your formulations and processes strictly confidential. CarboQuímica has laboratory facilities that allow us to perform useful and appropriate processes, analysis and developments for your needs.
Please find at CarboQuímica the specific applications you are looking for, and allow us to improve your processes and developments.

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We encourage you to reach out to us and learn about our portfolio for markets and sectors such as PVC, sanitizing and disinfection, cosmetics and personal care, oil and gas, paint and coatings, agrochemicals and plastics.

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