For CarboQuímica, Sustainability implies the balance among the environment, the community, and the different activities for the development of the business.

Our team is in constant search of innovative strategies that allow us to create social and economic value, while contributing to the conservation of our natural resources.

Funza We perform different activities that foster sustainability, such as: Development of technology aimed at the production of materials with natural origins

Funza Recovery and re-adaptation of chemicals used in manufacturing, aiming to create additional value (chemical recycling)

Funza Innovation that allows for the rate of reuse, readapting and recycling in plastic packaging

Funza Use of packaging materials available, through recycling models via cooperatives

Funza Inverse/reverse logistics model with feedstock packaging and return to suppliers

Funza Energy demand reduction program

Funza Desarrollo de productos con bajo impacto en la salud

Funza Procesos de fabricación de plastificantes con bajo consumo de agua

Funza Hiring of local labor

Funza Supplier evaluation from an environmental perspective

We have proven our commitment to the principles of sustainability since long ago. However, it was in 1995 that we took the first steps, when we joined Responsible Care – the chemicals industry best practices initiative. Accordingly, we follow the Sustainable Development Goals that United Nations Member States adopted in 2015, in order to bring peace and prosperity for people and our planet. We cannot conceive any growth strategy without sustainability at is core. We see the future with different activities that help protect the environment. This is carried out with circular economy initiatives and the development of products with a lower carbon footprint. We are aware that there is still much room to cover in this field, but we are very proud of the steps we have taken and the path forward.