At CarboQuímica, we provide different solutions for the cosmetics and nutrition markets, with world-class chemical brands, as well as internally-developed products, which are in tune with the demand trends for products with bio-based ingredients.

Accordingly, the Blue portfolio was developed at CarboQuímica, with additives based on sugars and vegetable oils, to guarantee stable emulsions and products with differentiated organoleptic properties.

Our solutions facilitate the blending of many immiscible substances due to its long range of HLB (hidrophilic-lipophilic balance), broadening our clients´ creative horizons.


Below, you can find some of these solutions:

Emulsifiers used in the creative process of developing cosmetics
Raw materials that foster self-care

The cosmetics market is showing a clear trend towards natural ingredients.  Accordingly, the bio-based emulsifiers developed by CarboQuímica are part of a portfolio that provides stability, good carrying capacity, ease of absorption and neutral odor

Importantly, these non-ionic materials are free of Ethylene Oxide and PEG (Polietleneglycol).

Applications: Toiletries for personal care, sun care, makeup and baby care.


Hypoallergenic and dermatologically proven.


Smoothening and moisturizing properties.


Accepted for Cosmos y vegan cosmetics certification

The portfolio also includes Brontide, a bio-butylen glycol, from one of the leading brands we represent.

This bio-butylene glycol is a multifuncional material synthesized through a fermentation process that reduces the carbon footprint by 50%, compared to the conventional proceses.  The process converts natural sugars into butylene glycol of the highest purity.  This bio-butylene glycol can be used as a moisturizer, emolient, viscosity regulator and fragrance fixer.

In our portfolio you will also find solvents like ethyl and butyl acetate, butyl grade urethane, used for nail care/polish, as well as USP mineral oil used in the production of body oils, lotions and splashes.

Bio-based solutions used in nutrition products
Materials that please the senses

Bio-based emulsifiers from our Blue portfolio contribute, among other things, to delay the retrodegradation of starch, to promote sugar crystallization, to prevent fat oxidation, to provide a creamy organoleptic sensation and to reduce adherence of sugary products.

Applications: mayonnaise and condiments, dairy products (yoghurt and ice-cream), milk substitutes, bakery, chocolate, confectionary, snacks, protein, fruit and vegetables.


In addition to their emulsifying properties, they provide a creamy and fresh sensation.  Compatible with proteins, they avoid flocculation.


Coming from sugar and vegetable oils, they are apt for vegan diets.


They are FDA and EFSA approved.

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Bio Butylene glycol

Brontide Bio Butylene glycol is a multifunctional solution for the production of your cosmetics.


Blue bio 150

Check out our Blue Bio 150 for cosmetic lotions. It is one of the products in our bio-based portfolio for this sector.


Blue Bio 5E

Request more information about Blue Bio 5E, an alternative to traditional chemistry approaches used in the production of food products.

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