We have a broad portfolio of materials for the development of your products, mainly in the PVC sector.

Our broad portfolio includes basic chemicals and innovative materials that will enhance the performance of your products, as well as your manufacturing processes.

These materials are used in the production of pipe and fittings, cable and wire, vinyl fabric, footwear and toys. They are also used in the production of film for pharmaceutical and food grade applications.

In this area you´ll find:



Chemical solutions for your new products
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Tailor-made products

We develop tailor-made products, adjusting CarboQuímica´s materials to the performance, specifications and requirements you might have.

We highlight the development of materials with special characteristics that will enhance the performance of your products.


CarboFlex PE Plasticizers

Plasticizer based on recycled PET resin, which allows our clients and CarboQuímica to be part of a circular economy value chain.


CarboFlex PF Plasticizer

Ftalate free plasticizer that can be used in toys and pharmaceutical and food grade applications.


One Pack

Stabilizer-lubricant system based on Tin or Calcium-Zinc for rigid applications, that makes both extrusion and injection processes more efficient.

We provide:

Broad portfolio

We supply a complete portfolio with a variety of solutions, mainly in the PVC sector.

Strategic Location

We have a manufacturing site and a distribution center in Colombia, strategically located to export our products anywhere in the world.

International Representatives

Our broad network of distributors and sales representatives allows us to foster close relationships with our clients.

Please share your needs with us and we will be glad to find the best solution for you in our portfolio.

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You may also be interested in products for other markets such as

sanitizing and disinfection, cosmetics and personal care, oil and gas,

paint and coatings, agrochemicals and plastics.

Funza PVC See our portfolio Please inquire within, about our product for this market.

We have:

A broad range of plasticizers and additives for both flexible y rigid applications
Materials such as stabilizers and lubricants
One-Pack systems (stabilizer-lubricant combination)