Product types


Name Product types Summary Markets Applications

Linear alcohol with mid boiling point. Clear liquid with characteristic odor, flamable miscible in agua y and organic solvents

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2 EthylHexanoic Acid ,

2-Ethylhexanoic acid is an organic acid used as an intermediate fluids

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Adipic Acid

ADIPIC ACID is a white crystaline compund slightly soluble inwater, soluble in alcohol and acetone, used in the production of nylon, polyols, polyesters and PVC plasticizers.

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Butyl Acetate

BUTYL ACETATE is low toxicity solvent with a fruity odor, miscile in conventinal solvents.

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Butyl Glicol ,

BUTYLGLYCOL is a liquid, odorloess and volatile solvent. Soluble in water.

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Carboflex 500

CARBOFLEX 500 (DOM) is es plasticizer used in emulsion polymers.

Carboflex 560

CARBOFLEX 560 (DBM) is an internal plasticizer used in the production of paint and coatings.

Carboflex EN

CARBOFLEX EN (DBP) is general purpose plasticizer commonly used in PVA applications.

Carboflex ON

CARBOFLEX ON (DOP) is a versitile general purpose plasticizer used a broad range of PVC applications.

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Chlorinated Paraffin

Chlorinated Paraffin is a secondary plasticizer.

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CICLOHEXANE is cycloalkane compund from the catalytic hydrogenation of benzene.

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D.B.T.O is used as a catalyst in low temperature transesterifcation reactions.

Dispersol 62

DIPERSOL 62 is a chemical agent used to homogenize paint formulations.

Ethyl Acetate

ETHYL ACETATE is a low toxicity solvent with a fruity smell, with lower density than water and slightly miscible in it.

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FA2 Fatty Acid

FA2 Fatty Acid is a tall oil, soluble in alcohol, aromatics and esthers.

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Glacial Acrylic Acid

GLACIAL ACRYLIC ACID is mocarboxilic unsaturated acid used as an intermediate in the synthesis of polymer production as well as acrylates and acrylic acid esthers.

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H336SD Cellulosic Thickener

CELLULOSIC THICKENER is a rhelogical modifier with medium viscocity for water based paint.


B75 MX is an ISOCYANATE hardener bicomponent polyurethane.

High Viscocity 2488 Polyvinil Alcohol

POLYVINIL ALCOHOL is non-ionic lineal polymer soluble in water.


HT 90BS is an isocynate hardener used in bicomponent polyurethane.

Isobutyl Acetate

ISOBUTYL ACETATE is water based solvent of low tociity and fruity odor, miscible in conventional solvents.

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Isopropyl Alcohol

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL is rapid evaporation solvent that does not leave residues or impurities due to its high volatility.

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Maelic Anhydride ,

Maleic Anhydride is sold in flakes or briquetts, used in the chemicals textile, food and cosmetics sectors.

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MH592SD Cellulosic Thickener

CELLULOSIC THICKENER is a rheological modifier with high viscosity for water based paint.

MH96SD Cellulosic Thickener

CELLULOSIC THICKENER is a rhelogical modifier with low viscosity for water based paint.

Micronized Pentaerythritol

PENTAERYTHRITOL is a polyhydric alcohol that contains four primary hydroxyl groups. Solube in water.

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N Dodecil Mercaptan

N DODECIL MERCAPTAN is used in manufacturing polymers.

Neopentyl Glycol

NEOPENTYL GLYCOL is a crystaline solid with mild sweet odor that contains two hydroxyl groups. Soluble in water, benzene, chloroform. Very soluble in ethanol and esthers. Used as intermediate in resin production.

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Nonil fenol No etoxilado

NONYLPHENOL is helps reduce surface tension.

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Phathylic Anhydride ,

PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE is a material used in production of PVC plasticizers, alkyd resin esthers, and polyesther resins.

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Thioglycolic Acid

THIOGLYCOLIC ACID is a chemical intermediate used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical rubber, agro, detergent and personal care industries.

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TL 75E is an Isocyanate aromatic used in formulating bicomponent PU.