Product types


Name Product types Summary Markets Applications
Brontide 1,3- Bio Butylene Glycol

BRONTIDE 1,3- BIO BUTYLENGLYCOL is a high performance natural glycol obtained from sugar.

Butyl Acetate

BUTYL ACETATE is low toxicity solvent with a fruity odor, miscile in conventinal solvents.

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Carboclean 100

Antiseptic glicerinated alchol

Carboclean 105

Antibacterial Gel used in hand sanitizing.

Carboflex DEP

CARBOFLEX DEP is a plasticizer used to denature ethyl alcohol and also in the production of moulded/injection cellulose acetate compounds, as well as paint and PVA coatings

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Ethyl Acetate

ETHYL ACETATE is a low toxicity solvent with a fruity smell, with lower density than water and slightly miscible in it.

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Thioglycolic Acid

THIOGLYCOLIC ACID is a chemical intermediate used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical rubber, agro, detergent and personal care industries.

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USP MINERAL OIL is liquid oil derivative. It is a refined and purified odorless colourless oil.