Tailor-made products

Tailor-made products   We develop tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of our clients. We listen to our clients to understand what their needs are and what is the vision they have for their products. In this phase we use design thinking methods. Afterwards, we put our knowhow, experience and lab equipment at the…

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CarboQuimica´s 64 year anniversary

CarboQuimica’s 64 year anniversary During the second semester of 2020, CarboQuímica turned 64 years old. It all started in the small Colombia town of Sogamoso, with the production of coal tar derivatives. After evolving during several phases, we have become a solid corporation with over 200 chemical solutions for 20 markets and sectors. As opposed…

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What is INNOVATION for CarboQuímica?

What is INNOVATION for CarboQuímica?   We spoke with the Technology Center at CarboQuímica about the importance of INNOVATION and this is what they told us: What does INNOVATION mean to CarboQuímica? For CarboQuímica, Innovation means growing in a profitable and responsible way, while capturing growth opportunities with creative ideas based on chemistry. Accordingly, innovation…

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Some of our current innovation projects

Some of our current innovation projects   Biobased coatings In 2016, CarboQumica was selected by Innpulsa Colombia as one of the 12 companies with greatest potential to develop corporate entrepreneurship in Colombia. Using this corporate capability, we constantly To us,it is key to generate these forums to explore new capacities and possibilities for new businesses.…

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Confianza Trends Green chemistry virtual meeting On December 14th and 15th the International Virtual Summit on Green Chemistry will be held. Please find more information in the following link: Note: CarboQuímica has no relationship with the organizers of the event. We just think that it may be of your interest.

Funza E-Cosmetic 360° (France´s international fair for the cosmetics sector) was held in virtual way in October. Three trends were present: Green beauty and eco-conscience; the technology of beauty and connected conscience; and performance testing and deep understanding. To see more, click on the link below:
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Did you know…?

Lupe Hernández, a US citizen of a Hispanic background, created antibacterial gel 50 years ago. The story has not been confirmed, but media ( has mentioned it since 2012, and today it is more relevant in the current pandemic.