In 2007 we started up our Distribution business as new business unit.

Today, we sell and distribute chemicals from global suppliers that are leaders in their markets, mainly in the sectors of agrochemicals, oil and gas, paint and coatings, cosmetics and personal care, sanitizing and disinfection and plastics.


We have a broad and diversified portfolio.



We are a strategic supplier for some of the largest producers in Colombia. We also provide technical service. Some of the products we offer are isopropyl alcohol, butanol and mineral oil.


Oil and gas

We supply materials for water treatment such as acrylic acid, thiogycolic acid, 2-Mercaptoethanol, 2-Butoxyethanol and maleic anhdride.


Cosmetics and personal care

We have innovative materials in accordance with current market trends, which value bio-based cosmetics. Accordingly, we offer bio-based butylene glycol.


Paint and coatings

We are the only manufacturer of phthalic anhydride in Colombia, which places us in a key role in the alkyd and polyester resin supply chain.
CarboQuímica is the authorized distributor of Eastman Chemical´s solvents and aliphatic and aromatic isocyanates from Wanhua Chemical.


Sanitizing and disinfection

We have developed a new disinfection line called CARBOCLEAN, used for hands and for industrial uses. Our industrial portfolio is concentrated and easily dilutable. A key feature is that it does not require rinsing after use.



Our portfolio includes products such as ethyl acetate (urethane grade) in bulk and drums, isopropyl alcohol (used in flexography and packaging) and polycarbonate for water tanks.

We are supported:

Our Experience

More than 60 years

Our commitment

We have a committed and trustworthy team that will provide you with complete and transparent information.

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The quality of our service with tailored support.


We evaluate all of our products (both the produced and the distributed by us) to ensure quality.

Complete portfolio

A broad portfolio, with both commodities and specialties that contribute to the successful development of your products

CarboQuímica distributes more than 200 solutions in markets and sectors that include cosmetics and personal care, sanitizing, agrochemicals, plastics and paint. We serve clients in Colombia, and will soon begin serving other countries.

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It will be our pleasure to serve you and find the best solution for you in our portfolio.

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