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Being a company that lasts has been one of the main aims for Carboquímica S.A.S. In order to remain relevant and always at the forefront, CarboQuimica has focused main strategies in the development of tools such as the incorporation of advanced technologies, research directed to the insurance and business growth strategies, partnerships and participation in projects investigation. This has allowed to be ready against the permanent changes in the market.

Within our main lines are:

  • Research focused on product development-friendly environment and stabilizing Ca / Zn, biobased plasticizers and phthalate-free.
  • Growth in different fields or areas of research: Catalysts, biotechnology and waste utilization.
  • Technological alliances and partnership with national research institutions through the development of innovation projects and technological development (Doctoral Insertion Project approved by COLCIENCIAS).
  • Agreement with international organizations: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC - Spain (Development of new molecules for use in PVC additives).
  • Purchase of technology and knowledge transfer in order to upgrade and transforming the industry.

Carboquímica S.A.S. is able to study and develop products with special characteristics based on customer requirements, for this work has highly qualified professionals and modern equipment to provide an accompaniment in the generation of value to industry.

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