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CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. in an organization intending to assure and improve the management of all its processes in order to add value to its operation, resulting in a better performance towards the customers of its target market and interested parties. Likewise, some practices have been implemented in order to continually improve the performance of the company at protecting both people and environment as long as its processes and products last. Thus, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S has joined the Process of Integral Responsibility® Colombia (Responsible CareTM), a system of management acknowledged worldwide for the chemical industry due to its performance requirements. Likewise, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S is committed to promoting the secure commerce in the logistic chain by applying the BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) standards.

The fundamentals of the activities of CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. are the processes that guarantee the satisfaction of the requirements agreed with the customers and other interested parties. For this reason, the Company has structured the System of Integral Performance (SGI for the abbreviation in Spanish) thus meeting the requirements of the regulation NTC-ISO 9001:2000, which is internationally certified by ICONTEC.

In their strategic planning, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. has established the importance of researching, preventing and controlling health, safety and environmental risks related to the business nature and exchanging such information with the related parts, contributing with value at transferring to their employees, suppliers, customers, community and governmental entities the knowledge collected.

So, in accordance with our policy, on the way to the ecological efficiency, the company has developed its processes efficiently taking advantage of materials and energy, the reduction of residues and the development of specific applications for the benefit of our customers.


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