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Currently, CarboQuimica S.A.S. developed through two fronts its technology strategy for research and product development. One front is research aimed at developing new molecules stabilizers, plasticizers and lubricants to maintain and sustain the forefront that has gained in the region about manufacturing and selling of additives for PVC transformation. Other front is focused on the development of raw materials and inputs for different industries, focusing on those that are generated from renewable sources to generate new business for the company.

NEW MOLECULES PLASTICIZERS (biobased and phthalate-free)

Research and development focused on providing new alternatives to our clients with focused efforts on biobased and phthalates free plasticizers that represent alternatives against sensitive applications.

Respect to industrial applications, providing new strategic and conventional raw materials and the implementation of How Khow about plasticization have been our main tools for the development of friendly environment plasticizers, with very good performance against conventional ones.


New trends in stabilization of flexible and rigid PVC compounds has been one of our guidelines for the development of thermal stabilizers, for this reason one of our priorities and our short-term objectives is to develop liquid and solid stabilizers Calcium / Zinc, with excellent properties respect to better performance in terms of color retention, thermal stability, compatibility and transparency when compared to Barium/Cadmium and Barium/Cadmium/Zinc stabilizers today questioned from an environmental point of view.

Expanding our product portfolio generates cleaner and friendly environment stabilizers.


One-Package stabilizers-lubricants for extrusion and injection processes that provide our customers advantages in the process due to decrease in the amount of additives to be added in the formulation and therefore reduction in weighing errors, reduction of variability in the mixtures , Optimization of inventories.

Development of Ca/Zn lubricant package with high stability, lubrication and performance has meant a gateway to new markets, allowing participation in specific applications for each of our clients.

On the other hand, the development of new lubricants that enable significant improvements in performance, processing conditions, final product appearance and better productivity, it is a commitment to our customers.


The development and market penetration of tin catalysts under CARBOCAT trademark, MBTO, DBTL QBTO and DBTO has allowed us to move into a new area of ​​the chemical industry. Through its industrial applications of polymers, coatings, polyester resins, alkyd resins and polyurethanes.

This new line is an opportunity for input and development of new markets (Local or international) because this is specialty chemical development of high added value in terms of quality and final product specifications.


​​Biotechnology area has focused on the development of raw materials and new products by implementing biotechnological processes, which have great potential for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food, using renewable resources and agro-industrial residues as raw materials, which help reduce the environmental impact.

We are developing new products such as biopolymers which are widely used in the production of films for food packaging, pharmaceutical coatings, they provide innovative alternatives versus conventional compounds generated by chemical process.


CarboQuimica S.A.S remains constant with the development, improvement and support of our business line, this allow us to grow on  tin stabilizer line, tin lubricant package and conventional plasticizers.


The continued use of assessment techniques like cost/benefit relation and deep analysis of technology projects is one of our main tools for entering new markets and exploring opportunities in different branches of industry. Thus we now have biotechnology and specialty chemical research, both are focused on product and process development other than PVC processing , this two lines generate new business.


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