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CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. is aware of the importance of promoting its Sustainable Development and the Business Social Responsibility. For that reason, the policy and management supports are committed with::
  • Customer’s satisfaction.
  • Responsible, rational and technical use of natural resources.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact that could be generated by our operation.
  • Precaution to potential operational and financial risks that the company is exposed to.
  • Precaution to illicit or unethical managements.
  • Attention of suggestions from those directly related to the company.
  • Continuous improvement of our internal management.
  • Development of working competences of our human team.
  • Maximization of the company’s value. .


Our company holds a Quality Management System that guarantees the competitive performance of the specifications agreed with our customers. CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. is certified under the international standards ISO 9001:2008 of ICONTEC, guaranteed worldwide by IQ NET.

To promote our commitment with emergency prevention, safe transportation of materials, process safety, environmental protection, reliable support of our products and safety and health of our workers, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. agrees and honours the requirements established by the Process of Integral Responsibility® Colombia (Responsible Care®), a voluntary initiative promoted worldwide by the chemical industry as an ethical response of the productive sector to the international challenges of Sustainable Development with more demanding performance goals above the national legal standards.

In the same way, the company management system incorporates the adequate measures to reduce the loss and prevent the occurrence of illicit acts that could affect either the organization or the country, so the World BASC Organization, Inc. (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) certifies that CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. has been evaluated and approved according to the Management System in Control and Safety and the BASC safety standards.

All texts and images are property of CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. Total or partial reproduction without express authorization is forbidden. CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S.
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