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CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. was founded in 1956 and started operating with the distillation of aromatic solvents and the production, development and marketing of the derivatives of Coal Tar Pitch.

During the 60’s, the company expanded its operations with the production of Phthalic Anhydride and plasticizers for PVC with low temperature technology. In 1982, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. adopted the high temperature technology becoming the most important producer of plasticizers of the Andean Region.

In 1994, the company merged with POLYQUIMICOS S.A., a Colombian company specialized in the production of thermal stabilizers in order to provide integral solutions for the PVC industry. The merger kept the corporate name of CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S.

Intending to strengthen our business, we have made strategic alliances with widely known multinational companies, assuring competitiveness, technological updating and continuance in the market of raw material for the polymer industry.



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