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CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. is located in Bogotá, Colombia, bringing together the production plants of Phthalic Anhydride, Plasticizers, thermal Stabilizers and Lubricants. In addition, we have research, development and test areas of the quality condition of our products, storage and logistic operation. Likewise, the facilities are conditioned taking into account the protection for both the environment and the community surrounding the plant.

Our production plants have modern and large facilities and high technology equipment to guarantee a safe operation with enough installed capacity to properly attend the market by offering a variety of products including plasticizers and additives to process PVC and other polymers.

The technology used by the phthalic anhydride plant of CARBOQUIMICA S. A.S. allows a completely systematized operation, thus avoiding the possibility of error in the manipulation of equipment or consumables. CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. has an automated process of control, a redundant control of implementation with safety interlocking and the design of processes following the quality, environmental and safety requirements to be applied to our operation. In our plants, we have high-performance reactors with their corresponding auxiliary units. Last year, we installed one of the largest glass reactors in Colombia.


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